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This Educational kit enables 6 LEDs to flash on a circuit. The flashing speed is adjustable! A great starter kit for middle school and older.
$6.99  $5.49
This circuit uses the principle of skin moisture volume detecting. Telling a 'lie' will increase skin moisture volume allowing this circuit to detect whether the test subject is "lying" or not. For entertainment purposes only!

A basic light flashing circuit that suits those who are interested in electronics. Easy to assemble, to understand and low cost with only a few components. The circuit is a good decoration for parties.
BA-1000 Large Scale Lighthouse Flasher. Completely assembled & Tested. Supplied in an enclosure ready to mount. Easy set up Plug & Play system! 12 Volt Power Supply & new 68 LED Bulb Included.

This kit creates an AM radio reciever circuit. The circuit consists of a few components so it is very easy to assemble.
$13.99  $12.29
This is a energy-saving LED lamp. It is the same as a flashlight. A good thing of this circuit is selecting two power supply as 12VDC or 220VAC. Kit requires assembly by soldering

This kit creates a basic blinking light circuit that suits those who are interested in electronics. It contains 2 LEDs which alternately blink with adjustable speeds.
FK713 This kit creates an AM Radio IC Receiver Experimental Board with Speaker. A great circuit that is suitable for educational use.
$19.99  $17.99

This circuit plays a musical tone when both magnetic switches separate. Can be used on doors, or as an alarm. Makes a great doorbell!
$9.99  $7.99
This kit creates a 3 volt FM wireless microphone. The FM. wireless microphone is coil imprinted in resonant circuit so that it is easy to assemble.
$4.99  $4.49

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