CA-1000 DCC Auto Reversing Unit
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CA-1000 DCC Auto Reverse & Station Stops

The CA-1000 from  Bakatronics LLC is a sophisticated electronic circuit to perform the automatic station stops and reversing of standard  two rail DCC powered locomotives, RDCs and trolleys. The heart of the CA-1000  is the dual Micro Chip intragrated circuits (IC) that are programmed to perform the DCC Auto Reversing and generate the NMRA Standard DCC Signal to address the Locomotive. The standard unit is supplied with a sequence for point to point operation on a single track. Also built into the unit as standard is the ability to perform multiple station stops. Unit can also be used for Stations Stops in a loop layout if desired without modifications.


Simple 4 wire hook up.
Power supply included (1 amp).
No DCC System required for locomotives already set to address #3 (normal factory setting).
Multiple Station Stops with no additional hardward required.
Operates standard DCC engines without modification or reprogramming.
Works with HO, N and Z Scales drawing 1 amp or less power.
Designed for two rail DCC locomotives or

Included with CA-1000 Unit:

Power Supply (1 amp)
Hand Held Control Unit with 48”  4 conductor leads
Four position terminal Block for hook up 
Wiring diagram & set up instructions

End and Station Stop timing adjustable from End and Station Stops adjustable from
2- 30 seconds.
Adjustable loco speeds in 6 preset speed steps.
Slow down timing is adjustable to make more
realistic stops (1-5 sec delay).
Can be used on continuous loop layouts to make automatic station stops.
LEDs on control indicate end and station stops as engine is detected in a block.
Completely assembled and tested in a plactic case..


Custom programming for a locomotive or trolley with sound decoders


Example Layouts 

(Speedup, not actual operating speed)





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