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This circuit is an alarm ammeter that can check whether the electric wire is connected to an AC power supply line.
This circuit is used to show the current time and on-off timer. This circuit uses IC FUJISU MB95F264 which is a new IC generation, small size, and provides memory up to 20 kilobytes.
This circuit is used to control a water pump for watering plant and flower automatically. It measures the soil moisture in 3 levels with a delay time function.

This circuit uses the principle of skin moisture volume detecting. Telling a 'lie' will increase skin moisture volume allowing this circuit to detect whether the test subject is "lying" or not. For entertainment purposes only!
A battery voltage checker circuit that used for measuring the remaining voltage of a 12V. battery. 8 LEDs are used for showing voltage of a particular measuring region.
This is a Morse Code circuit that suits those who are interested in electronics and learning basic Morse code. Easy to assemble and to understand with few components. Cost efficient!

This kit creates an electronic device that is used to measure the alternated current up to the maximum of 500v.
$31.99  $29.99
This kit is used to measure the direct voltage with a maximum of 1,000v.
$29.99  $27.99
This is an alarm clock circuit. Alarm sounds when selected time is up. A potentiometer and switch are used for setting the time on the alarm clock.
$9.99  $8.99

This kit is a light measurement circuit used for measuring the intensity of light. The scale of the light level consists of 5 LEDs. Trimmer Potentiometer is used for adjusting the sensitivity of photo-transistor suitable for that place.

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