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Founded in 2002, Bakatronics LLC designs and manufactures innovative electronic circuits for industry, hobbyists and students. We are based in the United States in Connecticut. We sell and ship products globally to all SEVEN continents! Read more about the goals of Bakatronics and the different areas of interest we work in.




STEM fields and the growing world of technology provide limitless possibilities for the next generation of scientists, engineers, and programmers. Bakatronics provides kits and projects designed specifically for students and anyone new to the field of electronics. These projects provide real world experience with electronics, circuits and gives you an understanding of how these circuits work.


Schools, Universities, and Camps all over the country have had great success using our kits as a tool to teach and inspire students to pursue continued discovery into the world of electronics.



Model Trains


For over a decade Baka has been creating new ways to make your model railroads "come alive". We have designed kits using modern microprocessors to give lifelike lighting and control to layouts. Our products are unmatched in flexibility and realism.  Whether you need to add lighting and sounds to your model towns or control your trains and trolleys automatically, we have something for you.

Baka's newest product line is the BK series of kits designed by Baka. These include the Lighthouse Flasher, Emergency Lights, Airport Beacon, Campfire and Super Welder Flash kits All are based on advance micro controller technology and will enhance any railroad. We hope you find our site interesting and exciting and look forward to serving your needs.

 Check out our exclusive selection of model railroad kits!




Without automated control and the ability to control equipment with electronics, many industries would be nonexistent. Bakatronics offers affordable circuitry that is easy to use and implement without having to design your own circuit boards and hardware. Whether you need motor controllers, sensors, or LED displays, we can help you make your products a reality.

We also offer custom designed electronic circuits to perfectly fit your needs.




A Word from the Owner:

Hello, My name is Baka (actually it is Bob) and I would like to thank you for visiting the Bakatronics LLC website. I would also like you to know that your support of this website allows me to sponsor three children in other countries. Nirmala in India, Magdelena in Guatamala and Jerrydan in the Phillipines also thank you for your support. Our hope is to be able to sponsor additional children each year with your continued support.

I have been an electronics buff, a model railroader and railfan for over 40 years and have finally found a great way to share my creative ideas and products with my fellow railroaders and electronics enthuesists. I  also am a Worlds Greatest Hobby Ambassador #830. I hope you find my site interesting and that it helps you to enjoy your hobby.

Why Baka? Well when my 1st grandchild was learning to talk, she had trouble saying "grampa" and it came out "Baka". My children thought it was cute and it became my name from then on! When I needed a company name to sell electronic items, what better name than Bakatronics LLC.


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