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Knob with set screw for a 1/4" shaft Potentiometer.
Kit makes a 0-12 volt output DC Pulse width motor controller. 20 Watt.
Kit makes a pair of LEDs Flash Alternately at a speed similar to a blinking crossing light

Kit makes two sets of 6 LEDs chase back and forth, then starts over again. Adjustable speed.
Kit makes 10 5mm LEDs chase one LED at a time, then starts over again. Adjustable speed. Red LEDs, Requires assembly, but can also be purchased assembled & tested as an option Click More Info for Details of kit
Kit makes a Voice Activated Switch with a delay off from 1-60 seconds.

Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Siren.
Kit makes an 8 input 5-15 VDC output driver circuit to enable the FK type LED kits to drive higher loads, such as light bulbs or relays. each output can drive up to 500ma. You can also combine outputs to drive higher loads
FK130: 3 CH light flashing to music or sound input, 110-220 V 2400 W

Kit makes an a touch sensitive alarm circuit. Loop a wire from the circuit onto a door kob or other metal object. When it is touched, it will set off the on circuit board alarm sound. Requires 9 volt DC
Kit makes a 0-12 volt DC Regulator, .5 amp max output
Kit makes a DC Step Down voltage coverter from 12-15 volts to 6 or 9 volts DC

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