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Kit makes an 8 Watt per channel Stereo Power Amp. works with 12 volt power supply
Kit makes a 3 volt bulb Flash like a firefly at night. Adjustable flashing rate with potentiometer. see details
Kit makes a 4 digit electronic counter, presettable Assembled and tested now in stock!!

Kit makes a Condensor Microphone with preAmp circuit. works with 6-9 volt power supply
Kit makes an interesting device that detects INFRARED rays. Can be used to check that TV remote control.
Kit makes 12 LED function like a traffic light. Great for displays or model railroading

Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Police Siren. Comes Complete with 2" speaker.
Xenon strobe kit makes very bright flashing pulses.
Kit makes a Non Contact AC Voltage Detector Click on "more info" for details and options

This Item No Longer Available! Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Bell. Comes Complete with Piezo Buzzer.
Kit makes Five LEDs Flash Alternately 3 on and off and then 2 on and 3 off. See detailed description for complete information.
Kit makes a 20 to 60 second digital sound recorder. Can be recorded over and over 100,000 times with included Microphone & Speaker included

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