FK100 Series & BK Series LED & Lighting Kits
FK100 Series & BK Series LED & Lighting Kits
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Help File for assembling Fun Kits
FK133 6 Led Dancing Disco Light Kit, see details
FK134 Two Color LED Flasher Kit, RED / Green 5mm LED, see details

FK135 Two Color Two LED Flasher Kit with 5mm Red Green LEDs
Replacement Chip set of 8 pin and 14 pin ICs for the FK115, FK116, FK117 or FK118 (Does not include circuit board or any other components)
FK115 Chip
Kit makes a simple 6 LED VU Meter. See details for current inventory!

Kit makes Five LEDs Flash Alternately 3 on and off and then 2 on and 3 off. See detailed description for complete information.
Kit makes two LEDs blink very rapidly while the button is pushed, release the button and only one of the LEDs will light depending when the button is release. Great for games or those critical decisions.
Kit makes a 3 volt bulb Flash like a firefly at night. Adjustable flashing rate with potentiometer. see details

Kit makes 7 LEDs chase like the Atomic Energy Symbol. Great for displays or make your friends think you have nuclear material. See Details

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