FK700 Series Radio & Transmitter Kits
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Kit makes a small FM wireles transmitter that can be used to demonstrate wireless microphone principles. Single Stage low power. Includes Microphone
Kit makes a two stage FM wireles transmitter that can be used as a wireless microphone. Includes Microphone
This kit creates an AM radio reciever circuit. The circuit consists of a few components so it is very easy to assemble.
$13.99  $12.29

This kit creates a mini AM radio circuit. It is a saving circuit that requires few components and is suitable for educational use.
FK713 This kit creates an AM Radio IC Receiver Experimental Board with Speaker. A great circuit that is suitable for educational use.
$19.99  $17.99
This kit creates a 3 volt FM wireless microphone. The FM. wireless microphone is coil imprinted in resonant circuit so that it is easy to assemble.
$4.99  $4.49

Create your own fully functional AM radio receiver and listen to your local broadcast stations! This is a great educational kit for learning about electronics and radios.
$19.99  $17.99
FM Radio receiver kit with a built-in amplifier circuit.

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