LEDs For Trains & Models

LEDs are great for use on the model railroad and have some great features that make them an ideal alternative to incandesent bulbs. 

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3 Volt DC 100ma Power Supply for use with FK200 Series 3 volt Kits.
Triple Welder Kit with selectable pauses. 3 super bright welder flash LEDs in one kit. Micro processor controlled special effects. Great for multiple welders in one scene or across the layout. see details
Day / Night Tower Beacon / Flasher Kit. Two programs, one for Day Time and one for Night Time. Light Sensor White & Red 3mm LEDs strobe, like a tall building or radio or other tower light.

68 LED White LED & Driver for use with BK-100 Lighthouse Flasher on 12 volts DC (Does not include the Lighthouse Flasher)
10mm White LED & Driver for use with BK-100 Lighthouse Flasher (Does not include the Lighthouse Flasher)
BK-100-10mm LED
BK-101 Replacement 8 Pin IC

BK-100 and BK-200 Series Replacement 8 and 14 Pin IC. Select the chip for the model desired under options. (Lighthouse, Emergency, Welder, LED Chaser, Etc) See Details
BK-1xx Series IC
1pc 3mm RED Green Blue (RGB) color changing and flashing LED with 12 volt resistor.
$3.99  $2.99
Battery Holder for 3 AA Batteries with built in on-off slide switch and cover

Simulates a set of Red Highway Flares or Railroad Fusees with either continuous or timed operation. The circuit comes as a kit or assembled (optional) and the two flares / fusees are simply installed with Fiber Optics.

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