Circuitron RR Devices

Cicuitron Electronics for the Model Railroader.

Tortoise Switch Machines, Crossing Detectors, Rolling Stock Detectors, Auto Reversing Circuits, Flashers etc.

Circuitron manufactures a specialty line of electronic model railroad accessories including the very popular Tortoiseâ„¢ Slow-Motion switch machines. No electronics knowledge is necessary to hook up any Circuitron product. All Circuitron products are completely assembled and tested. If preferred, no soldering is required to make connections to the circuit boards. Complete, detailed, step by step instructions are included with every circuit.

All Circuitron products have been designed by a lifelong model railroader who knows what is needed to accurately duplicate the prototype in miniature.

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Ciruitron AR-2 Auto Revering Unit, Currently out of stock, see AAR3 as alternative!!
Bakatronics Advanced Auto Revering Unit, AAR3 Advanced Reversing Unit with multiple functions and MicroComputer Control for all scales using DC power up to 6 amps
$79.99  $69.99
Ciruitron BD-1 HD Block Occupancy Detector with Opto-electronic Sensing #5521

Ciruitron DT-4 Rolling Stock Detector
Ciruitron AR-1 Auto Revering Unit. Out of stock see AAR3
Ciruitron DT-2 Logic Grade Crossing Detector

Ciruitron FL-2 Alternating Flasher 5102 This item is no longer available. It has been replaced by Bakatronics BA-1002
Ciruitron FL-2HD Alternating Flasher
Ciruitron BD-2 HD Block Occupancy Detector, Current Sensing. #5522

Ciruitron TC-3 Turnout Control for Switch Machine

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