BA-1002 Alternating Flasher
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BA-1002 Alternating Flasher Unit.

Intregrated Circuit design, 8-16 volt DC input

Drives LEDs or Lamps up to 500 ma per side.

Module is fully assembled and tested.

Flasher Module includes outputs for two alternating flashing bulbs or LEDs up to 500ma per side. Modle includes an input for either a switch or sensor to turn on the flashing sequence. The sequence can be started by a monentary contact such as a magnetic switch or manual button. Once the sequence is triggered, it will alternately flash the crossing signal for an adjustable time period and then stop if it does not receive a signal to continue. Using the optional BKD-2000 current sensor can be used to sense a powered engine or lighted car in the crossing signal block and automatically turn the flasher on and off as a train goes through the crossing block.

The BA-1002 uses a micro controller to both sense and flash the LEDs or bulbs. A single button on the circuit board is used to adjust the timing for how long the lights continue to flash after the start signal is removed.

Module come with square pin outputs and matching slide on connectors for eay hook up. The slide connectors can be manually crimped or soldered to customer supplied hook up wires. Power is supplied to the circuit board through an easy to connect two wire terminal block.

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