Bakaville Press
Sunday Edition

February 2, 2003

Bakaville Press


Traffic light causes "jams"

After the installation of the new traffic light on Main street, traffic actually increased.  "No one in this town has ever seen a traffic light change," says the head of the department of transportation.  He believes the light has become more of a tourist attraction.


Several cars are "parked" at the traffic light in downtown.

  Unlike most cities, the lights in Bakaville are fully functional thanks to the "Illuminator".  For more details on the project contact the mayor of Bakaville.


Model Railroad building light controller


 All lighting effects created using this Bakatronics circuit...

The Illuminator Plus


House burns AGAIN!


Residents watch as a neighbors house burns "all night".

A mysterious increase in  house fires has been reported across Bakaville.   "This one house in particular keeps catchin' on fire," said the Fire Chief.   Investigators believe the fires may be related to the "Illuminator" circuit now used in many homes.

"It came alive"


Downtown Bakaville last night.

The "illuminator project worked", says the mayor.  The new electrical system  has transformed this town into a living, breathing city.  "All night long the lights come on and off... it's like a show", says one resident.



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