FK800 Series Voltage & Speed Control Kits, PWM
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Kit makes a 0-12 volt output DC Pulse width motor controller. 20 Watt.
Kit makes a 0-12 volt DC Regulator, .5 amp max output
Kit makes a DC Step Down voltage coverter from 12-15 volts to 6 or 9 volts DC

Kit makes a 1.5-12 volt DC Stepped Regulator, 1 amp max output. 6 steps, one for 1.5 volts, 3 volts, 5 volts, 6 volts, 9 volts & 12 volts.
Kit makes a 0-30 volt 3 amp Variable DC Power Regulator.
Kit makes a 1.5-30 volt 1 amp Variable DC Power Regulator.

Kit makes a 0-50 volt 3 amp Variable DC Power Regulator.
FK823 DC PWM Motor Speed control with variable Frequency. For 12- 50 Volt DC input, 5 Amp max output. Availble as a kit or Factory Assembled Great for hand held switching throttles See detailed description for current availability!!
Kit makes a 6-9-12 volt 50ma DC Power Regulator.

Kit makes a 6-9-12 Volt Regulated Power Supply, complete with step down Transformer

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