Coffee Table Informational Video CD
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Take a virtual tour of a Bakatronics Coffee Table and an End Table. This jam packed CD includes Photos, Videos and Specifications of Bakatronics Coffee & End Tables in action. It is the next best thing to seeing it in person. It will give you a first hand look at how exciting and entertaining these truly unique tables are! See the trolley on Main Street, the Passenger train making a station stop, the freight train stopping for a red signal, operating traffic lights and train signals, building lights changing and much much more! If you are interested in Coffee Table Railroads, you need to watch this CD.

For those interested in building their own coffee table railroad, this CD is the perfect compliment to our Coffee Table woodworking plans. Included on the CD are inprocess photos of the contruction of the layout with tips on materials, construction techniques, scenery, building lighting and more.

The CD is produced to be able to play on computers with Microsoft Media Player installed (most newer computers have it already installed, but it is available as download from MicroSoft)

Note: This is not intended for DVD players, but for PC Computers that play WMV files and can open JPG pictures.

The price of the CD is fully refundable if you purchase a coffee or end table, with or without a model railroad. We are charging  this small fee for the CD to cover our production costs and keep the overall prices of our layouts economical. Please support us in this effort.

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