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Battery Holder for 3 AAA Batteries with built in on-off slide switch and cover
2 Pole Terminal Block with screw terminals for easy power input hook up.

Laser Cut FB07 enclosure to fit the FK518 or FA518 Barking dog PIR alarm kit. Click more info for details
LM78L05 5 Volt Positive Voltage Regulator, 150ma, various manufacturers, replacement for all BK-1xx & BK-2xx kits

LM7805 5 Volt Positive Voltage Regulator, various manufacturers
PS-12700 12 Volt Power Supply, 1000ma. 100-240 AC Input, 12 Volt DC output. 2.1 mm Plug & adapter

Battery Clip For 9 Volt Battery
9 Volt
Fiber Optic Adapters for 5mm LEDs to .030-.080" dia Fiber. This adapter fits over a 5mm LED and then the optical fiber can be centered to allow the maximum light to enter the fiber. Each package makes 10 adapters.

Laser Cut plastic enclosure for the 5mm LED BK-232 Kit. Enclosure is Black and measures 2.5" x 4.6" x .90" thick. 32 laser cut holes that match up with the 32 holes on the BK-232 Circuit Board. See more details for complete discription!
FB29 General Project box with Mounting Flanges. Requires user to modify to fit to their specific project or kit. Outside dimensions 60 x 66 x 25 mm High Inside Dimensions 54 x 60 x 22 mm

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