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The MXA089 offers the features as MXA066 but with the addition of soft start and extended voltage range
Special Purchase. Digital Multi Meter with 7 Functions
IRF1404 MOSFET. Replacement for MOSFET in MX033, MX050, MX066 & MX067 units

The MXA087 offers the same feature as MXA067 but with digital control for easy application and with 3 levels of speed recording for better performances with soft start
MX018 Emergency Lighting Circuit for 12 volt up to 7 amp batteries Fully assembled & tested
This circuit is used for protecting property. The advantage of this circuit is small-scale, easily installed and used. 1 in stock
$31.99  $29.99

This circuit has an LED indicator with a delay switch for turning off a high voltage device (110 or 220V applications)
$15.99  $14.99

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