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Nonstock, special order only This circuit is used for protecting property. The advantage of this circuit is small-scale, easily installed and used.
This circuit has an LED indicator with a delay switch for turning off a high voltage device (110 or 220V applications)
$15.99  $14.99
The MXA089 offers the features as MXA066 but with the addition of soft start and extended voltage range

The MXA087 offers the same feature as MXA067 but with digital control for easy application and with 3 levels of speed recording for better performances with soft start
$49.99  $35.99
Special Purchase. Digital Multi Meter with 7 Functions
IRF1404 MOSFET. Replacement for MOSFET in MX033, MX050, MX066 & MX067 units

MX018 Emergency Lighting Circuit for 12 volt up to 7 amp batteries Fully assembled & tested
Digital Voice / Sound recorder, 6 Channels up to 90 seconds total time. Discontinued see MX075

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