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MXA088 Infrared Sensor Digital Counter, 6 Digit
The MXA089 offers the features as MXA066 but with the addition of soft start and extended voltage range
The MXA087 offers the same feature as MXA067 but with digital control for easy application and with 3 levels of speed recording for better performances with soft start
$49.99  $35.99

The FA1110 robot sets off on its way until either of its photo sensors encounters an obstacle. Fully Assembled
$44.99  $39.99
The Sumo AVR1- powered robots are built to attack and retreat like their human Sumo counterparts. Fully Assembled
$54.99  $49.99

The FK1108 TACON will follow a 1cm wide black line drawn on a white background. Fully assembled
10K Replacement Potentiometer for MX033 and MX066 Modules
30 Amp DC Amp Meter with Shunt resistor

Special Purchase. Digital Multi Meter with 7 Functions
IRF1404 MOSFET. Replacement for MOSFET in MX033, MX050, MX066 & MX067 units

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