7 Segment LED Displays
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Single Digit Digital UP / Down Counter.
Non Stock, estimated delivery 2-4 weeks!! 5" High Super Bright Seven Segment LED Display. Fully Assembled & Tested
Seven Segment Driver. Fully Assembled & Tested

3" High Seven Segment LED Display. Fully Assembled & Tested
Four Digit Seven Segment Multiplex Driver. Fully Assembled & Tested
This panel can be viewed from over 100m away in broad daylight making it suitable for score boards, event timers, counters and retail pricing systems Special Order
MX004 SO

Open Signboard, Flashing 150 LEDs. 8" x 3" Sign Fully Assembled & Tested
This ultra bright LED is a seven segment display. There are 5 LED's per segment with an additional LED for the decimal point.
$11.99  $10.99

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