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Infrared Remote Switch for use with Universal Remote Control (TV type)
Night (dark) activated relay switch with timer. Fully Assembled & Tested 15 in stock
$19.99  $10.99
Digital Code Switch 1-10 digit. Fully assembled & tested 4 in stock
$24.99  $14.99

1 Channel Relay Card. Fully assembled & tested
$8.99  $5.99
Ultrasonic Repeator Module (fully assembled and tested)Senses infrared signals from up to 30 feet away and re-transmits the signal. Can be used with MX012 to gain range.
$14.99  $9.99
Infrared Transmitting and Receiving Modules (fully assembled and tested)Transmits and receives infrared signal up to 80 feet. Receiver Controls a SPDT relay that is rated for 10 amps at 220 volts. Can be used with Computer or Basic Stamps.

Now in stock! 4 Channel relay board. (Fully assembled & tested) 4 inputs to control 4 Relays, each with both Normally Open and Normally Closed outputs. Operates on 9-12 volts and controls loads up to 220 volts.
Night Activated Control Relay Device, Fully assembled & Tested 5 in stock
$10.99  $7.99

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