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Delay Off Switch, 0-10 Minutes. Fully assembled & tested Currently Out off Stock
Kit makes an adjustable timer switch circuit. 0-3 hours Control devices from 1-220 Volts AC or DC

Digital Timer with LED display. Fully assembled & tested
$34.99  $29.99
Digital Timer 0-99 Hours. Fully Assembled & Tested
$24.99  $22.99

This circuit is used to show the current time and on-off timer. This circuit uses IC FUJISU MB95F264 which is a new IC generation, small size, and provides memory up to 20 kilobytes.
2 Channel programmable Timer with digital read out. Fully assembled & tested
$42.99  $29.99

This on/off alternative circuit can be used as a multipurpose time setting device or as an automatic circuit controller of electrical appliances for energy saving.
$31.99  $29.99

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