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Kit makes a light activated switch. Turns on when light shines on sensor
Kit makes 10 LEDs chase in a circle one LED at a time, then starts over again. Adjustable speed. Comes with 10 5mm RED LEDs. Requires assembly, but can also be purchased assembled and tested if desired
Kit makes an a touch sensitive alarm circuit. Loop a wire from the circuit onto a door kob or other metal object. When it is touched, it will set off the on circuit board alarm sound. Requires 9 volt DC

Battery Holder for 2 AA Batteries with built in on-off slide switch and cover
Kit makes a small FM wireles transmitter that can be used to demonstrate wireless microphone principles. Single Stage low power. Includes Microphone
$4.99  $4.49
Kit makes a Low Battery Alarm or Sensor Device

Kit makes a low power voltage increaser. Can be used to demonstrate a very low power electrical shock
Kit makes a Dark activated switch.
Kit makes a circuit to make sound effects to simulate a Monkey. Comes Assembled Complete with 2" speaker.
$10.99  $8.99

Kit makes a 3 level water indicator
Kit makes a 0-30 volt 3 amp Variable DC Power Regulator.
Kit makes a 2 Watt Mono Power Amp. works with 3-12 volt power supply

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