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Kit makes three LED chase in sequence leaving two lights on and turning one off at a time while turning another on.
Kit makes a two digit electronic counter
Kit makes a 1.5-30 volt 1 amp Variable DC Power Regulator.

Kit makes a small AM Radio with earphone.
$7.99  $6.99
Kit has three buttons and and three LEDs. The first buttom pushed will light that LED and "lock out" the other two. Like on a game show see details
A basic light flashing circuit that suits those who are interested in electronics. Easy to assemble, to understand and low cost with only a few components. The circuit is a good decoration for parties.

9 volt battery Clip
Kit makes an adjustable timer switch circuit. 0-3 hours Control devices from 1-220 Volts AC or DC
Kit makes Promimity Sensor with relay and NC & NO contacts. 2" to 12" detection range by reflective detection.

Kit makes an interesting device that detects metal objects near the coil on the circuit
A great game kit that make a circuit that buzzes when the wire is touched. See if you can move the loop over the wire without touching it! Special Order See details
Kit makes an 8 Watt per channel Stereo Power Amp. works with 12 volt power supply

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