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FK941 Digital Voice or Sound Recorder. This great kit makes a recording device the records voice or any sounds on a digital Intragrated Circuit Chip. Records and plays back up to 60 seconds of sound or voice with the touch of a button. The device can be erased and changed up to 100,000 times and will not lose the sound that has been recorded even if the battery or power has been disconnected for 100 years.

This unit can also record multiple sound files and play them back sequencially if desired. The total time of all recorded files is limited to 60 seconds. The sampling rate is adjustable. The highest quality sampling will allow for up to 20 seconds of messages and the lowest quality of sampling will allow up to 60 seconds of recorded message.

A Great device for making custom sounds on your railroad or other projects. It could also be used on an interactive display, where the visitor pushing the button gets a breif discription of the scene or item they are looking at.

The sound is triggered by a push button on the circuit board, but a remote switch can easily be wired to it. It could also be triggered with Baka's other Fun Kit light, infrared or sound sensing devices or magnetic switches. The possibilities are endless.

Kit requires assembly and comes with complete with circuit board, components,microphone, 2 1/4" speaker and  instructions. Requires basic soldering skills and a 15 to 30 watt soldering iron. Solder is included. Operates on 4.5 volts DC (3 AA batteries will work great)

Finished Boards measures 1 5/8" x 2 7/8" 

Kit includes a small microphone and 2 1/4" playback speaker.


Another great kit to have fun with from Bakatronics

Have fun, that's what it's all about. 

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