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Learning by Layers is a hands on simple approach to learning about and using basic electronic components. Students learn by conducting experiments designed to demonstrate how Resistors, Capacitors, Diodes, LEDs and Transistors operate.


In this course, we will learn the basics of electronic components and how they are used in everyday electronics. The main focus is to learn by doing with a hands on approach by building simple demonstration circuits for the most widely used electronic components, We will avoid using complex mathematics and calculations as they can easily be done with apps and online websites. We also avoid the use of tech instruments and use simple inexpensive LEDs for students to visually observe the results of their experiments. This course utilizes real industrial discrete components and a unique system of breadboarding layers allowing the ease of assembly and demonstration of electronic principles.  As students build each successive layer, it builds on and incorporates the previous layer into the next layer’s lesson. At the end of the component learning layers, additional layers can be added to build more complex circuits.


  1. Learn basics of electronic components and their function
  2. Learn to Identify components by their markings
  3. Familiarize students with common terms used in electronics design & assembly
  4. Use non electronic observations to show how electronic components function
    1. Water flow
    2. Traffic patterns
  5. Avoid complex mathematics, overly technical terms and formullar’s
  6. Be able to Insert small components into layer as marked
  7. Learn to troubleshoot or fix errors in the assembly process
  8. Observe results and experiment with making component changes
  9. Encourage experimenting with new applications


The basic Learning by Layers kit includes:

  1. Experimental Breadboard with 400 tie points
  2. Twelve Experimental Learning by Layers Templates
    1. Resistor Learning Layer Template
    2. Capacitors Learning Layer Template
    3. Diode Learning Layer Template
    4. Light Emitting Diode (LED) Learning Layer Template
    5. Transistor Learning Layer Template
    6. Basic Logic Circuits (AND, OR, NAND, NOR)
    7. Basic Flip Flop Memory Circuit Layer
    8. Resistance & Light Sensor Project Layer
    9. Basic Oscillator Circuit Layer
    10. Latching Circuit Layer with Steady Hand Challenge
    11. Piezo Buzzer Sound Project Layer
    12. Heads or Tails electronic coin flip
  3. Each Learning Layer includes:
    1. a laminated laser cut template to fit over the breadboard with markings & holes for the components utilized
    2. All components required for the Learning Layer
    3. Instructions for the Learning Layer
    4. Suggestions for additional experiments or modifications
    5. Questions for the student
  4. Full Instruction Manual in Pdf Download Format 


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