BK-100 Lighthouse Flasher Kit
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Lighthouse Beacon Flasher Kit (requires assembly) with Simulated Rotation  

This kit will bring a model lighthouse or other rotating style beacon to life. The kit slowly increases the brightness of a 3mm white LED to simulate a light beam slowing swinging toward you. Once reaching peak brightness, the LED will then produce a bright flash to simulate a light beam shining directly at you. After the flash the LED’s brightness decreases in intensity to simulate the light beam moving away from you and then restarts the cycle. The total cycle time is adjustable from approx 4 seconds to approx 12 seconds. Popular uses include HO and N Scale Lighthouses. This kit is highly customizable with options for different color LEDS and different size LEDS.  Custom flashing routines are also possible; email your requests to baka@bakatronics.com.

This kit requires soldering to assemble. A 15-30 Watt soldering iron is recommended. See assembly diagram below

New Basic Component Assemble video and Final Assembly Videos now available to help those wiching to assemble their own kits

Basic Component Assembly Video for BK-100 thru BK-115 kits


BK-100 Final Assembly Video



Product Specifications

PCB dimensions

0.75” x 2” x 0.5” (20mm x 50mm x 15mm)   


one 3mm White LED (20,000 mcd)


Pre-programmed microcontroller IC

LED and power leads




See the Lighthouse Beacon in action (Click HERE)!

If link does not work, make sure your brower is not blocking pop-ups or copy and paste http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=77GAiAuQ12g into your browser address line!!


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