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This kit makes 16 red LEDs flash in multiple sequences and at adjustable speeds. The pattern and speed settings are retained in the chip memory when the unit is shut off, so it will start back in the same speed and pattern when the unit is turned back on.


The following are preprogrammed sequences for the kit (Click HERE to see video)

  1. Straight chasing LEDs: 1 through 16 , then repeat
  2. Bi-directional chasing LEDs: 1 to 16, then LEDS 16 to 1, then repeat
  3. Random chasing LEDs: Individual LEDs flashing in no particular order
  4. Straight chasing multiple LEDs 1,2,3 on then 4,5,6 on then 7,8,9 on then 10,11,12 on the 13,14,15,16 on then repeat
  5. Bi-directional chasing multiple LEDs as sequence 4 except reversing back after 13,14,15,16 light


Additional Sequence Option

The Ghost Buster'sTM Proton PakTM type Sequence:

The sequence looks like a VU meter and turns multiple LEDs on at a time.  1 to 16 LEDs will be lit at the same time and go up and down to simulate the Blue LED Lights in the Ghost Buster'sTM Proton PakTM. The option is a special chip programmed with the special sequence in it. If you already have the standard BK-116, the chip can be replaced with no other modifications required. Video of optional sequence with 5mm Blue LEDs at  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t9m_- rvF61w Also included is an additional sequence to stack up from 1-16 and repeat. The sequence speed is also adjustable.

 Star Trek TOS Enterprise Bridge Effect Option

This option is 12 White 3mm LEDs and two program sequences.

1. Straight Chasing 1-12 at ,8 sec per LED with LED #1 staying on for twice as long (1.6 sec)

2. Randon sequence with the 12 LEDs coming on and off one at a time every 0,5 seconds.  

Additional LED Option

This circuit will work with any color 3mm or 5mm LEDs. The LED section of the circuit board can also be separated from control section to allow remote mounting of an LED bar. Only 5 wires from the control board to the LED bar are require to remote mount the LED bar. Circuit board includes two sets of five predrilled holes for easy remote wiring. Unit come standard with 5mm Red LEDs. If different color or size LEDs are chosen, they will replace the standard red LEDs


Product Specifications

Power supply

6-14 VDC (9 VDC recommended) 

PCB dimensions

1" x 4.0625" x 0.5" (approx. 25mm x 103mm x 13mm)


16, 5mm Standard Red LEDs (3mm or 5mm of any color will work)



Circuit board can also be cut into two pieces, one being the LED bar and the other the control board. If board is cut, 5 small diameter wires will be needed to connect the boards and chase the LEDs. If board is not cut, no wires are required. LED bar can be remotely located 5 or more feet from the control board using 22-24 gauge telephone type wire.



The LED Bar can also be mounted on the bottom of the control board resulting in an assembly that is 5/8" wide by 4" Long and approximately 1" thick. Using two of these assemblies, they could make excellent chasing turn signals on a car truck or trailer. See the following photo example.



Front LEDs


Back with Components



Side View 

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