BA-1000 Large Scale LED Lighthouse Flasher
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BA-1000 Large Scale Lighthouse Flasher. The same proven circuitry as in our BK-100 with an added driver circuit to operate large LED cluster bulbs. Completely assembled & tested and installed in a rugged plastic enclosure ready to mount. Easy set up Plug & Play system! 12 Volt Power Supply & 25 68 LED Bulb Included.  (60% Brighter than shown in video of 25 LED bulb) 

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Use for large scale Lighthouses,  3 FT and Larger.

Advanced Technology Energy Saving LED Bulb with 42  now 68 Surface Mount White LED Chips

Microprocessor controlled electronic control circuit

Adjustable cycle time from 4 to 12 seconds.

Electronic Circuit is enclosed in a plastic enclosure with mounting flanges for easy mounting
  (Enclosure is 2.75" x 1.5" x 1" High)

LED bulb supplied on 24" lead (bulb is 5/8" dia X 1" high) Simply attached wires to the screw terminals on the outside of enclosure.

12 Volt DC Power Converter for use with 120-240 Volt AC 50-60Hz household power.
Note: You may select to use you own power supply as an option. If you use your own 12 volt DC supply, it must have a 2.1mm plug with center positive and should be regulated not to exceed 14 volts!

Optional Items:

Day & Night Sensor to turn on at night and off in the morning. Sensor wires simply plug into the circuit on the outside of the enclosure, no soldering required

Custom Program 5 second on 5 second off pattern. Selecting this option replaces the standard program with a 5 second on, 5 second off sequence. The standard ramp up and flash program with no longer operate!!!

Custom Program for specific Lighthouse patterns, ask for quote

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