CP-127 Custom Project 5 LED control board
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6 each Custom 5 input control boards to light 5 Customer Supplied 12 volt low power LEDs for 3-5 seconds (adjustable)

Each unit would consist of 5 BK-100 circuit boards connected together to form a larger board that is approx. 2.25" x 4" x .75" high. There would be one set of leads for 12 volt DC battery power input, 5 sets of leads for buttons (not supplied) and 5 sets of leads for 12 volt LEDs. 

The 5 individual customer supplied buttons will input to a small 8 pin micro controller (PIC Chip) that activates the cuctomer supplied LED for an adjustable setting of 3-5 seconds. Each LED output will have a small button to change on time from 3-5 seconds in 1/2 second intervals. LED outputs will be two wire outputs, but could be connected in a positive common connection circuit if desired.

Bakatronics LLC will supply 6 units (each with 5 input 5 output) assembled and tested, but without buttons or connectors for hook up. There would be 6" long color coded wire leads for the LEDs, buttons and power supply. The battery should be in the 12-14 volts DC range. If you need to use a higher voltage, then we would have to quote supplying a voltage regulator as the output to the LEDs would need to be reduced to 12 volts.

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