BK207 8 LED Multi Chaser Kit
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8 LED Chaser Module

Kit makes 8 LEDs that chase at and adjustable speed

Eight LEDs chase in multiple programs. Straight chasing LEDs 1 though 8, Bi Directional Chasing LEDs 1 to 8 then LEDs 8 to 1 and repeat. Center out chasing and outside to inside chasing.  Random LEDs Flashing. Speed and programs are selectable by the user with a simple button pushes.

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option (LEDs supplied loose with wire to hook up to unit).

- Eight
LED outputs.
- Micro-proccessor controlled circuit with preprogrammed sequences.
- Voltage regulator on circuit board to enable voltages from 7 to 14 VDC to be used

- Adjustable cycle time from a very slow chase to almost a blurr
- Controls eight 5mm Red LEDs
- Can be used to chase larger bulbs with optional output driver
Power supply Required:
- 7 to 15 voltd DC required operate the circuit. The DC accessory output on most power packs will work. A 9 volt battery will all work and last for up to 16 hours of continuous use. 
-Eight 5mm Red LEDs. Circuit will work with 1.8mm, 3mm or 5mm LEDs of any color.


- Eight outputs for connections 20 to 26 gauge wire to hook up LEDs

Included in Kit
The BK-207 Kit comes with the circuit board, all components, 8 Red 5mm Standard LEDs, Hook up wire and instructions.
Options available:
- Power output chip to control 5 to 14 volt bulbs or a multiple LEDs.
- Assembled & Tested (basic circuit board, LEDs supplied un wired to allow user to install 
- Power Supply for 120-220 volt AC operation.
- Additional LEDs in 3mm & 5mm and different colors
- Driver chip to allow multiple or higher power LEDs to be run. Note: If using driver chip, resistors must be wired in series to each LED
   (Driver chip wiring is positive common connections)



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