BK-232 Chaser Kit, 32 LEDs
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BK-232 LED Chaser Module now with inproved operation using separate buttons for changing speed & sequence modes

Kit makes 32 LEDs that chase in eight different sequences and at adjustable speeds

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.

Unit come standard with 5mm Red LEDs. If different color or size LEDs are chosen, they will replace the standard red LEDs

32 LEDs chase in eight pre-programmed sequences. Speed and program sequences are selectable by the user with the push of a button.
The unit has a memory that stores the speed & sequence that was running when the power was shut off! When the unit is repowered, it will start
in the same speed & pattern as when it was shut off!

New: All units shipped after 11/1/2013 will have separate Buttons for Speed and Program making operation easier!


See video at http://youtu.be/HXFLnPTBwC8


-  32
 LED outputs.
- Micro-proccessor controlled circuit with preprogrammed sequences.
- Voltage regulator on circuit board to enable voltages from 6 to 14 VDC to be used

- Adjustable cycle time from a very slow chase to almost a blurr
- Complete with 32 5mm Standard Red LEDs (other LED colors and sizes available as options)

Power supply Required:
- 6 to 14 volts DC required operate the circuit. The DC accessory output on most power packs will work. A 9 volt battery will all work and last for up to 16 hours of continuous use.
-32 5mm Super Bright Red LEDs. Circuit will work with 3mm or 5mm LEDs of any color.

Circuit Board:

- 32  spaces for up to 5mm LEDs in two rows (rows can be cut off board and remote mounted
- Circuit board measures 1.5" wide x 4 1/16" long approx 1/2" high with LEDs on board.
- LED section(s) of the circuit board can be separated from control section to allow remote mounting of the LED bar. Only 5 wires from the control board to each LED bar are required to remote mount the LEDs. Circuit board includes two sets of five predrilled holes for easy remote wiring of each LED row.

Included in Kit
The BK232 Kit comes with the circuit board, all components, 32 Standard Red 5mm LEDs, PreProgrammed Micro Chip and complete instructions. Assembly is required unless Assembled & Tested option is selected. Assembly requires a small 15 to 25 watt soldering iron and small dia solder suitable for electronic circuits. Basic soldering skills are required. See photo of parts below.
Options available:

- Assembled & Tested
- Power Supply for 120 volt AC operation.
- Additional LEDs in 3mm & 5mm and different colors
- Custom Programming
- Control Board and LED board separated for remote use of the LED bar.


Circuit board can also be cut into pieces, two being the LED bar and the other the control board. If board is cut, 5 small diameter wires will be needed to connect the boards and chase the LEDs. If board is not cut, no wires are required. LED bars can be remotely located 5 or more feet from the control board using 22-24 gauge telephone type wire.

BK-232 Cut  
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