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A basic light flashing circuit that suits those who are interested in electronics. Easy to assemble, to understand and low cost with only a few components. The circuit is a good decoration for parties.
This kit enables 6 LEDs to flash on a circuit. The flashing speed is adjustable!

BA-1000 Large Scale Lighthouse Flasher. Completely assembled & Tested. Supplied in an enclosure ready to mount. Easy set up Plug & Play system! 12 Volt Power Supply & new 68 LED Bulb Included.
This circuit uses the principle of skin moisture volume detecting. Telling a 'lie' will increase skin moisture volume allowing this circuit to detect whether the test subject is "lying" or not. For entertainment purposes only!

This kit creates an AM radio reciever circuit. The circuit consists of a few components so it is very easy to assemble.
$13.99  $12.29
This is a energy-saving LED lamp. It is the same as a flashlight. A good thing of this circuit is selecting two power supply as 12VDC or 220VAC. Kit requires assembly by soldering

This kit creates a basic blinking light circuit that suits those who are interested in electronics. It contains 2 LEDs which alternately blink with adjustable speeds. Available as assembled only!
This circuit plays a musical tone when both magnetic switches separate. Can be used on doors, or as an alarm. Makes a great doorbell!
$9.99  $7.99

FK713 This kit creates an AM Radio IC Receiver Experimental Board with Speaker. A great circuit that is suitable for educational use.
$19.99  $17.99
This kit creates a 3 volt FM wireless microphone. The FM. wireless microphone is coil imprinted in resonant circuit so that it is easy to assemble.
$4.99  $4.49

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