MX033 & MX066 Frequency Adjuster Kit
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MX033-66 Freq Adjuster
$9.99 (Price each for 11 or more Units)
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MX033 & MX066 Frequency Adjuster Kit

Use this kit to make the fixed frequency of the PWM output fully adjustable on either MX033 or MX066 Units. Designed for use with HHO Hydrogen Generators, but not generally recommended for use with motors.

Kit included components, circuit board and instructions to modify the frequency either an MX033 or MX066 module. The frequency range is fully adjustable between 100hz and  up to 15Khz with included potentiometers for coarse and fine adjustment of frequency. Kit does NOT include MX033 or MX066!!!!!

Kit requires assembly by soldering and modifiaction to the MX033 or MX066 circuit boards (not included). A component on the MX033 or MX066 circuit board requires removal to wire this circuit board in.


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