TC-3 Tortoise Turnout Control
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TC-3 tortoise turnout control


The   CIRCUITRON   TC-3   functions

exactly   the    same   as   the   TC-1

,  but the output is designed

to     drive     the     CIRCUITRON

TORTOISE™ Switch Machine.    The

TC-3    can    also    be    used    with

Switchmaster™ and other brands of

stall-motor   switch   machines   that

use the Hankscraft™ display motor.   The TC-3

is ideal for use as a driver when pushbutton

control of the TORTOISE™ is desired such as

when  used  with diode matrix controls.     The

TC-3 requires a 12 - 18 volt DC input and is

constructed   on   a   1 1/2"   x   3"   printed   circuit


800-5615   TC-3   tortoise turnout
:           control


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