AR-2 Auto Reversing Unit
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Circuitron Electronics 5401 Currently out of stock, see AAR3 as alternative!!

Bakatronics Advanced Auto Reversing Unt, AAR3 now available! Email for details. Microprocessor control, more features, easy set up, station stops, current detection system and much more!

AR-2 automatic reverse circuit with adjustable delay


The CIRCUITRON AR-2 is a sophisticated, integrated circuit design, automatic polarity reverser for use on point to point layouts in any scale. The AR-2 provides a 5 amp rever­sing capacity and also incorporates an adjus­table time delay circuit that will stop a train at each reversing point for a set period of time before reversing the direction. This time delay is adjustable from 0 to over 1 minute. In addition, a terminal is provided for external activation of the time delay circuitry without reversing direction. This terminal can be connected to a panel pushbutton or to the output of one of CIRCUITRON's detection circuits to permit stop and delays at any point. If a DT-4 Rolling Stock Detector is used in conjunction with the AR-2, up to 4 inter­mediate stopping points can be established between the reversing points. This is ideal for trolley or switching setups where you would like to have a train shuttling between end points, making various stops along the way. The AR-2 is constructed on a 3" square printed circuit board and requires a 12-18 volt AC or DC power supply for proper operation. 2 Optical sensors are included for each end of the line. DT-4 is sold separately and available from Bakatronics.

5401    AR-2   automatic reverse circuit with adjustable delay

Fully assembled module

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