BA-113 DCC Detector Crossing Light Flasher & Gate Control
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BA-113 DCC Crossing Light Detector, LED Crossing Flasher and Tortoise Gate Controller:

The BA-113 detects a DCC Locomotive or powered car as it approaches the crossing gate and activates the flasher to alternate you LED type crossing signals. The BA-113 also has outputs to control a standard Tortoise switch machine, that can be used to lower and raise a crossing gate.

The BA-113 uses current sensing detection and requires cutting small gaps in the dtection section and wiring the detector across the gap to the main power. The BA-113 circuit can be powered directly from the main DCC rail power to simplify wiring.

The BA-113 is designed to work with LED type crossing signals (not supplied) and a Tortoise switch machine (not supplied). Use with other type devices is possible, but may require additional drivers. Contact us for a quote if you wish to use other types of crossing lights or gate motors!

The BA-113 is supplied completely assembled with a BA-113 control board and BKD-2000 detector board.

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