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Kit makes seven LEDs blink very rapidly while the button is pushed, release the button and LEDs will light up like a single Die. see details
FK159 Shaking Dice Kit, 7 LEDs, See details
Simulates a set of Red Highway Flares or Railroad Fusees with either continuous or timed operation. The circuit comes prebuilt and the two flares / fusees are simply installed with Fiber Optics.

Kit makes a circuit that can flash 115-220 volt AC 100 watt bulbs. see details
$8.99  $4.49
Animate you night time scenes with this dark activated 8 circuit street light control. When the light level is reduced, a light sensor activates the street light control. Requires assembly Click on "More Info" for information
12 Volt Bulb adapter for use with BK-100 Lighthouse Flasher, (Does not include the BK-100 Flasher)
CB-100-Bulb Option

Kit makes a 36 LED wheel that works somewhat like a Vegas Roulette wheel and even has sound
Kit makes a circuit that can alternately flash 115-220 volt AC 100 watt bulbs. See Details
$8.99  $4.49
BK-100 Series Replacement 8 Pin IC. Select the chip for the model desired under options. (Lighthouse, Emergency, Welder, Etc)
BK-1xx Series IC

FK154 Electronic Hour Glass, 22 LEDs. see details

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