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This circuit is energy saving LED flasher with a light checking sensor. When the area is getting dark, LED flashes periodically, making the circuit last longer.
FK168 Danger Flasher Kit, 42 LEDs. See Details
$10.99  $9.99
This basic circuit is suitable for learners who are interested in AVR microcontroller. The circuit has been designed to be used with both input and output ports as well as ISP AVR programming port, easily to be constucted for testing.

FK178 Two Step Disco LED Flasher. 18 Red LEDs Flash in eye appealing rates & patterns. Adjustable speeds from very slow to fast. See Details
$13.99  $9.99
FK160 Random Number Game, 1 Digit. See details
FK158 Strobo Scope, see details

FK165 Sound Activated Xenon Flasher Kit, see details
This kit contains a small three step flasher circuit. 19 LEDs create a 3 step blinking circle from internal to external. See details
$10.99  $9.49
6 volt 800 ma DC Power Supply for use with multiple BK-100 & BK-200 Series Kits. Power supply is 6 volts DC @ 800 ma current draw. The voltage may be higher at lower current draws.

Solar System Flasher. The sun and the planets are all lined up on this nifty project kit. See details

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