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FK184 UFO Chasing Light 8 LEDs
Replacement Chip set of 8 pin and 14 pin ICs for the FK115, FK116, FK117 or FK118 (Does not include circuit board or any other components)
FK115 Chip
Kit makes a 10 LED wheel that works somewhat like a Vegas Roulette wheel and even has sound

FK142 Robot LED Flasher Kit, 5 LEDs
9 LED Cluster of 5mm LEDs for use with BK-100 Lighthouse Flasher (Does not include the Lighthouse Flasher)
BK-100-9LED Option
BK-101 Replacement 8 Pin IC

Day / Night Tower Beacon / Flasher Kit. Two programs, one for Day Time and one for Night Time. Light Sensor White & Red 3mm LEDs strobe, like a tall building or radio or other tower light.
Ghost Buster's(TM) Proton Pak(TM) type Sequence Chip. For use with BK-116 kit. Replacement chip only, does not include BK-116 kit or LEDs! Can be used to convert standard BK-116 to Ghost Busters Sequence.
$4.99  $4.99
FK134 Two Color LED Flasher Kit, RED / Green 5mm LED, see details

FK168 No Smoking LED Flasher Kit. See details
$13.99  $9.99

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