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A basic sound power testing circuit that can be used to measure preliminary sound power and sound level (which do not require precision) or as a sound power testing game. See detail
$15.99  $12.99
5.5 Volt 300ma Regulated DC Power Supply for BK-100 & BK-200 Series Kits.
This kit creates a chasing light circuit with several different display functions. It has 3 separate functions: chasing from left to right, chasing from right to left, and an alternating pattern of these two directions.
$29.99  $19.49

Two LED hearts are pierced by an arrow.
$14.99  $13.99
Help File for assembling Fun Kits
FK166 Light Activated Xenon Flasher Kit. See details

LEDs in this flasher kit are aligned in the shape of a robot. This is a fun and easy circuit to assemble for beginners!
$11.49  $10.49
FK179 Warning Light Flasher. 20 LED Warning Light that adjustable Flash rate or LEDs can be continuously on! Two different outlines can be selected. See Details
$15.99  $12.99
This circuit uses a light sensor to detect when an area is dark, causing an LED and output terminal to activate and begin to pulse on and off.
$7.49  $6.99

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