FK115 Chaser Kit, 10 LED
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Kit makes 10 LEDs chase one LED at a time, then starts over again. Adjustable speed. Comes with 5mm Red LEDs. Can be used with other color LEDs that can be purchased separately from Bakatronics. Great for signs and displays or buildings on your model railroad. Adjustable speed control included. 

Need to chase more LEDs? Please look at our new 16 LED Chaser Kit, the BK116. A Bakatronics LLC exclusive item. The new Ghost Buster's Sequence for the BK- 116 is also now available!!!

Great for adding lighting to a Ghost Busters Proton Pack. see link below for pack building intructions m/howto/gb_protonpack/index.html

Circuit board size is 1.49" x 2.68"

See Video Demo on YouTube v=pvqxKvvz3UY

This kit uses two of the most versatile Intregrated Circuit chips ever made. The 555 timer IC and the 4017 one of ten output counting chip. Both of these chips have been around for more than 20 years and are still widely in use today. With a few modifications to the circuit board and a few extra components, many other projects can be made using this kit. Look for our new experimentors guide to the FK115, which is now available on our website.

Kit comes with complete with circuit board, components, 10 5mm Red LEDs and complete instructions. Requires assembly using basic soldering skills, a small amount of solder and a 15 to 30 watt soldering iron. Can be powered by 9 volts DC or a 9V Battery (not incuded) Factory assembled option comes with standard Red LEDs. Assembly with other color LEDs can be selected in the options menu.

Another great kit to have fun with and add a new level of interest to your railroad. You can even combine it with our Illuminator Kit to have the scene automatically turn on and off at predetermined intervals.

Have fun, that's what it's all about. 

When assembling the kit please note the thin white lines between the small holes on the circuit board where the jumpers are placed. Use the two that look like resistors that come with the kit for the long lines and use cut off leads from the resistors, LEDs or caps for the short ones. The kit will not function unless all the jumpers are in place and soldered.

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