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Five LED Buoy Beacon Flasher Kit. Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option. Updated for 2016
Traffic Light controller for Bulb or LED style traffic lights. Includes outputs for walk / Don't walk lights and night blinking patterns. Click on "More Info" for information
Kit makes a simple 6 LED VU Meter. See details for current inventory!

Kit makes an LED flash like the strobe on a building top when it gets dark using a opto sensor. Also can look like a Fire Fly at night. See details
Give your street lights the look of an old fashioned Gas Lamp with our 8 circuit BK-215 Gas Lamp control. Requires assembly. Click on "More Info" for information
FK133 6 Led Dancing Disco Light Kit, see details

Kit makes 6 LEDs chase in steps making triangles. Great for displays to attract attention. See Details, Special Order Only
FK146 Star Burst Chasing Kit, 25 LEDs
9 volt 150 ma DC Power Supply (assembled as in photo) for use with BK-100 & BK-200 Series Kits. Power supply is 9 volts DC @ 150 ma current draw. The voltage may be higher at lower current draw.

68 LED White LED & Driver for use with BK-100 Lighthouse Flasher on 12 volts DC (Does not include the Lighthouse Flasher)

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