FK130 Musicial Light Flasher 3 Channel
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This kit is a sound controlled light circuit that flashes to the beat of the music. There are three frequency channels (high, medium, and low) which can accommodate a max of 800 Watts total. Low and high voltage modules are separated to prevent electric shock.


Hook up an audio signal from a speaker wire to start the light show. Three bulbs (not included) flash to different tones & sound levels. Adjustable levels are great for parties, Christmas light shows, and Halloween light shows. Another option is to use two kits on your stereo system to control 6 channels to create a fabulous light show. 


This kit requires soldering with a 15-30 watt soldering iron and includes a small amount of solder.



Product Specifications

Power supply

9-12 VDC For Control Circuit

PCB dimensions

3.64” x 2.8” (approx. 93mm x 70mm)


Controls 3 (400W at 220 VAC or 200 W at 110 VAC per channel)

Current consumption

max. 35mA

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