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Electronic Circuits for motor and DC Lighting Control
MXA033 PWM DC Motor Speed Controller
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MXA033 PWM DC Motor Speed Controller
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MXA033 PWM DC Motor Speed Controller
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$20.99 (2 to 4 units)
$19.99 (Price each for 5 to 10 Units)
$19.50 (Price each for 11 to 20 Units)
$18.99 (21 to 49)
$18.50 (50 pcs to 100, )
$17.99 (101 and over)

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Note: In Stock

- PCB dimensions : 3.28x1.82 inch.
- Recommended Generic Project Enclosure : FB04  Large size 3 1/2" x 5 1/4" x 1 5/8" High. Enclosure is  basic plastic box and requires additional holes for mounting and ventilation Note: All FB type enclosures are generic plastic project boxes ready for the user to modify for use in their specific application. For more details, please see the item description by searching the appropriate FB number on this website. Extra Knobs are available under the item part# "Knob"

- FB03 Generic Enclosure can also be used for less than full load applications 2.7" x 4 1/8" x 1 1/2" high

- Power supply : 12/24 VDC by using jumper
- Load voltage : 12/24 VDC / 15A max. continuous duty when used as a motor controller @ 12VDC
- Output : controlled DC motor by PWM (Pulse With Modulation).
- 100hz Frequency (can be adjusted with our MX033-66 Freq Adjust kit)
- Large Spades on circuit board for ease of connection.
- Obtain low speed operation of DC motors without sacrificing torque

- Range : 0-100 %
- LM324 and P80NF5 MOSFET(replacement MOSFET Available, see item FP3040)
- Fully Assembled and Tested.
- Ready to hook up and use in your project or OEM Product
- Replacement 10K pot available, see item# 10KPOT

-Optional 0-5 volt input signal control kit available, see item MX033-66 CBV

Some Suggested uses:

Motor Control,

Hydrogen Electrolysis of water for practical of experimental purposes. (Maybe you can be the one to solve the energy crisis by turning water into a clean burning fuel!!)

DC Light Dimmers

LED Lighting Dimmers

Heating Control

Item Options
Knob for 1/4" shaft Pot (Add $1.69)
Crimp Terminal for #10-12 Wire (Add $1.00)
60mm (2.3") 12 Volt DC Cooling Fan (Add $7.99)
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Pulse Width Modulation Control, Uses: Motor Control, DC 
Electrolysis, Heating control. 15 Amps @ 12 VDC. Fully 
& Tested. 

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