PWM DC Motor Speed Controller, 15 Amp (MXA033)
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The motor speed controller has a potentiometer that controls the pulse width modulation output and has a max. current load of 15 Amps. This circuit allows you to obtain low operational speeds for DC motors without sacrificing torque. Popular uses for this product are as a motor controller, hydrogen electrolysis, DC light dimmers, LED lighting dimmers, and heating control.



  • LM324 Op-amp
  • Large spade connectors



  • MX033-66 Frequency Adjuster kit to change the operational frequency



Product Specifications

Power supply

12/24 VDC (jumper provided)

Load voltage

12/24 VDC (15 Amps max.)

PCB dimensions

3.28” x 1.82” x 1.13” (80mm x 45mm x 30mm)  


Pulse Width Modulation

Motor speed range

0-100% adjustable

Operational frequency

100 Hz

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