Customer Lighted Tunnel Project
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This project uses a custom programmed Bakatronics LLC BK-214 Street Light control to simulate a set of tunnel lights. The lights are programmed to come on, then after a while one will start flickering then go out. After a time it comes back on then another light will repeat the flicker and go out process.

Customer Comments & Pictures:

"Model trains are a great hobby - especially when they're 'hands on'.  So I
adapted a modular railway approach to incorporate wooden trains and rugged,
versatile tables that can stand up to dozens of kids at a time.  The tables are
cabinet-grade plywood tops set into a poplar frame and bolted together through
plywood legs.  Buildings constructed from maple and poplar are covered in
varnished photographic textures to add depth and scale.  LED lighting for
buildings, tunnels, runways, and subways bring authenticity and realism.  Local
N and HO clubs are starting to recognize the opportunity such tables present to
engage the youngest of the train show visitors.  And a few parents and a nearby
railway museum have started to build tables modeled on or influenced by this
standard.  Visit for details, dimensions, and lessons-learned."

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