BK-215 Gas Lamp Street Light Control Kit
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BK-215 Gas Lamp street light control with Eight Individual Outputs

This circuit Simulates the look of an Old Fashioned Gas Lamp in most standard commercially available street or building lights. The circuit reduces the brightness of the bulbs or LEDs using Pulse Width Modulation to give the lamps a softer glow. It then slightlty increases & decreases the output levels of the individual bulb circuits to add a slight flicker to  simulate the gas burning. Each of the eight output circuits flickers at its own rate and sequence to give the most realistic appearance!

The circuit automatically turns on your lights at dusk and off at dawn. As the light dims in the room, the included photo sensor activates the control circuit.  When the light level increases, the circuit will turn the lamps off. An over ride switch can easily be added to manually control turning the lamps on or off. 


-Eight Se
quenced street or building light outputs for use with 6 to 14 volt street lights.
- Micro-proccessor controlled circuit with preprogrammed Gas Lamp Simulator sequence.
- Voltage regulator on circuit board to enable voltages from 6 to 14 VDC to be used

- Photo Sensor Transistor to sense light levels and light the lamps at low light levels and off in bright lights
- Controls Eight circuits of up to 250ma per circuit (approx. 5-10 lamps per circuit)
- Lamp outputs are programmed to give a gas lamp effect like a small flame & flickering.

- Assembled circuit board is 1" x 2 3/8" x approx. 1/2" high 

Power supply Required:
- 8 to 14 volt DC required operate the circuit. The DC accessory output on most power packs will work.

Street Lights:
-Works with most brands of Street Lights, Model Power, Busch, Walthers, etc.


- 8 outputs with solder type connections for 22-24 gauge solid wire.

Included in Kit
-The Kit comes with the circuit board, Micro Control PIC Chip, light sensor and all components and instructions. Street lights, LEDs or lamps are not included in the kit and must be supplied by end user
Options available:
- Assembled & Tested

- Custom Programming


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