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4 LED Simulated Building on Fire.  See Video at http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tVCERsOsZzM 

Kit makes a circuit that makes four superbright LEDs Simulate a Fire in a building, campfire or scene.

The simulation begins with a single LED flickering slowly like a small campfire. After a while another brighter LED flickers as the fire appears to grow in intensity.  Then the circuit pulses and flickers three super bright LEDs as the fire really begins to grow. Finally the forth LED is added to the other three and a raging fire is now apparent. After a while the fire slowly subsides in internsity and slowly dims and goes out. During the most intense time of the fire, the circuit sends out a signal that can be connected to the optional FK234 fire siren and will sequence the siren up and down in pitch until the fire is brought under control. The circuit then pauses and resets to start over again later. It can also be used in a bonfire or forge scene. A great addition to any railroad scene.

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.

4 Orange 3mm LEDs. Micro-proccessor controlled circuit with preprogrammed fire sequence.
- Voltage regulator on circuit board to enable voltages from 7 to 14 VDC to be used

- Adjustable cycle time from from a slow chase to almost a blurr
- Controls Four 3mm super bright LEDs.
- One extra output to control an optional FK234 fire siren.

Power supply Required:
- 7 to 15 voltd DC required operate the circuit. The DC accessory output on most power packs will work. A 9 volt battery will all work and last for up to 16 hours of continuous use.
-Four 3mm superbright LEDs. Circuit will work with 3mm or 5mm LEDs of any color.

Included in Kit
-The BK-108 Kit comes with the circuit board, all components, four 3mm Superbright LEDs, Hook up wire and complete instructions.
Options available: 
- Assembled & Tested
- Power Supply for 120-220 volt AC operation.
- Additional LEDs in 3mm & 5mm and different colors
- Custom Programs


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