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Go Green with the New 5 LED Illuminator.

LEDs use 80% less energy than a bulb type light. Every little bit helps!!

Mount this unit in a building and position the 5 LEDs in or near the windows or in multiple building. The LED lights will turn on and off in a preprogrammed sequence giving the buildins a "Lived in Look" It add a great deal of realism to the layout, display of diarama. The time between light changes can be set from 1 to 15 minutes with the simple pushing of a small button on the circuit board. Once set, the circuit remembers the timing and will repeat it each time the circuit is turned on.

Kit requires assembly, but can be purchased assembled and tested as an option.

Comment at the Big E train Show in Springfield, MA:

"Very cool! the building lights changing really makes a big difference in the realism"

Five sequenced outputs. (on and off in a preprogrammed manner)
- Micro-proccessor controlled circuit with preprogrammed sequences.
- Voltage regulator on circuit board to enable voltages from 7 to 14 VDC to be used

- Adjustable cycle time from 1 -15 minutes per light change. (10 hours at max time to complete the sequence)
- Controls Five 5mm Warm White LEDs
- LEDs are programmed to turn on slowly for a more realistic look.

- Can be used to turn on scenes or other accessories by using output board (optional)
- Use Flashing LEDs (optional) in place of standrad LEDs for emergency or fire scenes.

Power supply Required:
- 7 to 15 voltd DC required operate the circuit. The DC accessory output on most power packs will work. A 9 volt battery will all work and last for up to 16 hours of continuous use. 
-Five 5mm White LEDs, Warm White to give a softer white look. Circuit will work with 3mm or 5mm LED of any color.


- 5 Pin output with push in connections for 24 gauge solid wire, 3 ft of 6 conductor type wire included to hook up LEDs

Included in Kit
-The Illuminator Kit comes with the circuit board, all components, 5 White LEDs, Hook up wire and complete instructions.
Options available:
- Power output board to control 5 to 14 volt bulbs or a multiple LEDs. Five 500ma outputs. can also drive relays, turn on sounds, motors or other accessories.
- Assembled & Tested (LEDs supplied loose so user can install in a scene)
- Power Supply for 120-220 volt AC operation.
- Additional LEDs in 3mm & 5mm and different colors
- Flashing LEDs


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