FK203 Wolf Sound Effects Kit
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Note currently available only as Factory Assembled FA203 unit

Kit includes all components and instructions to make a digital sound effect generator that is preprogrammed to sound like a Wolf. Great for sound effects on a model railroad, display scene, or just for the fun of it. Add a magnetic switch to turn it on and off with a small magnet mounted on a train car and have the effect start when a train passes by. Atomatically resets after a preprogrammed delay. Add our other effects generators to make the railroad or scene come alive with sounds. You could even add remote switches on the display to start the sounds individually.

Click on link for all our sample sounds

Operates on 3 volt DC. 2 AA or AAA Batteries will operate the circuit. A Battery holder is available under options

Kit comes with complete with circuit board, components, PreProgrammed Digital IC, a 2" speaker and  instructions. Requires basic soldering skills and a 15 to 30 watt soldering iron. A small amount of solder is included with the kit

Another great kit to have fun with and add a new level of interest to your railroad. You can even combine it with our Illuminator Kit to have up to 8 sounds  automatically turn on and off at predetermined intervals.

Have fun, that's what it's all about. 

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