FK408 Voice Activated Switch
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Clap or make a sound and this controller will turn on a connected device. The controller will start a timer and keep the device on for 1-60 seconds and then turn it off. The control will reset until another sound is detected. The unit will stay on if the sound continues to activate the controller. When the sound ends the timer will start and turn off the device after the selected delay. Sound sensitivity can be adjusted with the potentiometer to make the unit turn on with louder or softer sounds. 

Replacement options:

  • The microphone can also be replaced with a push button switch or other sensor to create a delay off switch.
  • A magnetic switch can also be substituted for the sound sensor to trigger the unit and take advantage of the delay off feature.

This kit is very useful on a model layout where you want to trigger a sound, lights or other event when a train passes over the switch.

Requires basic soldering skills and a 15 to 30 watt soldering iron. Solder is included.



Product Specifications

Power Supply

12 VDC

PCB dimensions

2.6” x 2.3” (approx. 66mm x 60mm)

Current consumption

max. 60mA

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