BR-511 LED Taxiway Lighting Kit (Blue LEDs)
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Two sets of Blue LED Model Airport Taxiway Edge Lights, prewired for 12 volts DC and ready to install. Each set consists of 12 2mm Blue LEDs wired on 100mm (3.9") centers approx 46" long. Two separate strips approx 46" long for a total of 92" length.

Design for surface mounting along the edges of a model Taxiway. Can be secured with hot glue or double faced carpet tape strips. The strips can be shortened if needed by cutting off the excess LEDs. Strips can be shaped to fit on curves leading to aircraft parking areas. 

Includes instructions for mounting and wiring to a 12 volt DC power supply (not included in kit, but can be purchased as an option. one supply can power both the white runaway and blue taxiway lights,)

Optional aprox longer LED Strings can be purchased as an option. See options for ordering and price

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